Friday, March 5, 2010

Played with some chippy goodness =)

The very tallented Leeann Pearce sent me some of her fabulous new chippy designs to have a scrappy play with!! So far I have created 3 layouts - 2 are sitting on my desk waiting ever so impatiently to be played with and finished! I loved them all espically the little birdyhouse and the owls (which i havent finished yet) SOOOO CUTE! Leeann has even started up an etsy store so you can grab some for youself and have some fun with - she also has some other awesome handmade embelishments made by nonother than herself. So if your looking to spoil yourself or need some more supplies just because go and check out her new stash of chippys at the chip chop shop!
Thanks for stopping by - and thanks for yr patience It came to my attention today that i havent' blogged since December......whoopsie. I still suck at blogging.
Hope you all have a great long weekend. And for those of you unlucky enough not to have the adelaide cup long weekend - Have a great monday. ;) I hope you don't catch mondayitis!
xx Lisa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

YAY!!!! its December! :)

Its's my faviourite time of the year! I only wish that School holidays weren't so expensive with child care and OSHC fees. Oh well keeps the boys entertained and playing with their friends! They love school holidays. :)
Its also that time of the month - SO GET ON OVER TO ASJ! and get a jacking ther are 3 fabbo jackees this month And a first for me I scrapped all three.

But firstly since i didn't blog novembers jack here it is:
I Jacked Belinda Venables

And The December jacks:

Mandy Dodd jack.....

Fran Tynan jack.....

and lastly Sue-Ann Tilby jack....

and just incase you missed this little cutie pie on page 95 from the last SM issue gracing a whole page by himself was my little Cohen - he was so impressed he took the mag for show and tell at kindy! And a fabbbbbbb chipboard bubble tree from Leeann Pearce - love this tree and i get asked by alot of people in Renmark where did i get such a thing! I have a large one that i have some plans for. But life has been very odd and full here in our family - thats why i haven't blogged in november. no mental energy. BBBUUUTT thats all a changin! Thanks for droping by - you'll be hearing from me ;)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Excuses excuses.......

I could give alot of excuses at to why i haven't blogged in over a month.... but the truth is I suck at it!!! I always have stuff i could blog about and layouts to post but I'm waaayyy to busy blog hopping and playing on facebook. Sad huh. lol

lots happening.... turned 32!! AGGHH ! scary how life starts passing you buy so quickly. I got this little beauty...
I soooo love it!!! It is a full High definition cam corder you can take 12mp photos while your recording and you can record in slow motion which is the funniest thing ever invented!! I recorded a friends wedding and took ALOT of photos for them and it turned out awesome! I'm very impressed with it! And the photo quality is just amazing and so crisp and life like. now i just need a blu ray burner and I'm set! (wish full thinking there)
I did have a choice between that and a Making memories slice. I figured i could easily stash away $20 here and there to save for a slice. don't ya think??!!!! lol
Here is my layout for Aussie scrapjacked this month. Better posted late than never i guess. It was a free for all this month and i chose to scrapp Leanne A. I'm really drawn to her layouts as she has a similar style to me and well i just love her layouts really!!
And my 2 layouts from Creative Edge, i ha vent quite finished my album, just a couple more pages to go before its complete. This was the Steph C-Devlin class, i converted mine to an 8x11.5 size, it was suppose to be a 12 x 12 size, but i haven't scrapped that size in almost 2 years. It was an awesome class and i learnt alot from her.
This is the layout from Janine K's class. another one converted to my scrapping size, this was a really fun class and learnt lots of techniques about re creating flowers and changing the colour and style of flowers. I love them both and the entire day was fast paced and fun!

Till next time. xo xo
( oh i have created a slight addiction to gossip girl! - love that show and am thinking about getting season 2...)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ASJ September :)

September Jacks are up! And geepers there are some really really awesome jacks from the DT - you have gotta head on over and check out the talent! here is my version of Kim Arnolds layout:

There are actually 2 jackees this month! I choose this particular photo of me and my dad when i was 4. (I think maybe i was 3). I remember the carousel they use to take me on I think it might have been at Glenelg back in the day. Hence why there is a lack of journalling. I will have to ask him exactly where and when it was so i can re do the journalling. I dont remember this photo - bu look how impressed and happy i look. I don't have many photos of me and my dad when i as little. This one is a fav of mine. It is in colour, but its typical 70's stlye of colours and very dull. So i changed it to B&W.

So much has been happening of late. We got a new car!!!! (back in JULY) Its really noice. Black - hard to keep it lookin nice - big rims and really smick interior. Full leather in black. mmmm how will i cope in summer!!????? I will have to post a photo of it - but I luuuurrrrvvee it!

I got a new job and I'm totally loving it. I'm now working at Riverland Optical in the plaza - so come say hi if you ever drop by Renmark! It has been full on and sooo much to learn - but I'm getting there and really enjoying the challenge. It was all totally japanese to me at first but its all making sense now and I'm feeling confident! and My boss and his wife are incredibly nice :)

I have a couple of other layouts to post but feeling lazy and Cohen is begging me to play Guess Who with him!

Oh and I'm off to CREATIVE EDGE on Sunday! Yippee! I'm really looking for ward to it and get to meet Janine K and Steph Caskey Devlin!!!!! and Kate Mason who i teaching a class and we are making a prima canvas 9x9 album - YES a full album - go Kate! what a challenge that will be! Kate was one of our Jacks a couple of months ago. :) Tatum and her sis will also be there so It will be great to finally meet her too!

I am going to have to post photos of the finished products next week!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen.........

I SCRAPPED!!!! Oh and I am blogging! yup hold onto your hats........... My mojo finally decided to give me the motivation to scrap. And not only did i scrap a layout but i scrapped 5!!

We went to Mildura and I bought some Basic Grey papers and that let the lightbulb flick! I don't normally buy bg papers but these screamed out pretty girl and I knew just the girl I was going to scrap with them - my great neice Teliesha. She is my sisters grandaughter and she is the sweetes cutest and bossiest darling i know. so onto the layouts. In no particular order. :)

This layout above Is in the current Scrapbook creations for the Show and tell feature. Im really glad it made it in there as my layout is gone. :( It was lost before it made it to the photographer. Which im a bit bummed about as the scanned image on my computer is the only evedence that I scrapped it. It hasn't been the best experience....

Here is a very very late show case of the July Aussie scrapjacked!!! Its up on the brand new site. Ok Ok so its not so brand new but Its still sparkly new!!! If you havent played along on Aussie scrapjacked you are really missing out - they scrap the best jakcers and I always look at it and think 'I can't scrap that its not my style'....... but i always mangae to do a me version of it. I decided to scrap this layout that really is a lot of little layouts. It is stored in a collectors card sleve pocket. You know the ones you put basketball cards and suff in........

Well if you actually returned to my blog - thanks!!!! Its so few and far between blogs.......
Have an awesome day!! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

forgotten password......

I really have a good excuse for not blogging. I forgot my password. I must have somehow saved something different in logins... not too sure how i managed that. And really i haven't had any scrappy stuff to sing about!!
Boring, I know. I haven't' scrapped a thing since my last blog up date and quite frankly I feel like I've lost my mojo. Depressing hey.
I spent most of the weekend curled up in a ball sleeping. My appendix decided to have another sapck attack! Michael took me to the hospital , but because i didn't really have much of a temp they decided to leave it in and drug me up. So in between throwing up, aching like crazy I slept. I did go back to the hospital and he did say i was worse but they left them in again. If it happens again I wont be leaving, I'm not going through that again!!!!!
I'm going to try really hard to scrap on the weekend. Really I am. I'm missing it. We are going to go see Angels and demons on sat night. Can't wait to see that! Then I'm going to read the book, that way i wont be disappointed with the movie. Well that's what i figure anyway!
Cohen turned 4 on Saturday!!!! He has been having a countdown the week leading up to it. Its been a real milestone turning for him. He is a big Kindy boy now! And he is loving that. But he cant stop talking about turning 5 and 6 now! Oh Cohen don't grow anymore. I really enjoy having him at home and when he goes to school it will be way to quiet for me........
I will have to scrap a photo of him blowing out his birthday candles while hiding behind Michaels leg - was so cute! Little shy guy!

Thankyou for everyone who has visited when i haven't been bogging. How boring for you and no photo for this update!!!!

Have a great day! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back in business!!!

There is a huge exciting secret scrapping secret happening over at Aussie Scrapjack!!!

If you keep checking tomorrow all will be revealed!!! Its fan - bloody - tastic! I promise you will be impressed. So don't forget to check tomorrow!!!! eeeeeek.

Ok so here is my Black apple doll I Stitched up. After receiving one from Sheree, I instantly fell in love with them - they are soooo cute!

I bought some stuff from a lady at work who sells the Kazazz scrapping goodies. I bought a scripted stamp - cant wait to use that!!! And a clearly scrapping card kit. It was really good value. It came with clear a4 sheets as well as white card stock for cards.

Anyways i decide to try a clear layout. I have been a little afraid of trying these out but i did and it turned out pretty good. Well I'm happy with it!! What do ya think? I think i will be doing another one.

Its kinda hard to tell where the edges were so I inked all the edges and i wasn't really sure where to photograph it? any suggestions for next time??? I don't have my editing software on my new laptop so I couldn't' do a thing with any photos. So I will just have to persevere until i get my programme back.